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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Watch TV On Computer Through Satellite Instantly


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People are searching for answers and solutions to watch TV on comp through satellite. And they want to watch TV instantly. It is not a dream that has not been realized but one that is right at our doorstep, or let us just say, a few clicks away from us. Satellite TV on computer is that close as it is now possible for us to watch TV programs on our computers through satellite. I would reveal to you what are the ways to watch TV on comp through satellite instantly so stay with me.

PCTV Cards To Watch TV On Comp Through Satellite

This may not be new to you at all. PCTV cards have been developed a few years to make use of our computer internal architecture and resources to receive satellite TV channels. It is basically a piece of hardware. The installation comes in 2 forms, one internal and the other external. Internal cards are fixed directly within your CPU casing while the external is simply connected to your USB port. Needless to say, most people love the external version but the price tag remains as a strong deterrent for those who feel the pinch in their pockets.

Such cards make use of FTA satellite TV broadcasts so that you not only get to watch TV on comp through satellite instantly, but watch them for free. It is necessary that you have a ready internet connection to stay connected to receive the TV broadcasts. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the transmission speed and the quality can differ. Such cards work best with broadband connection so if you can afford broadband, go for it.

PCTV cards do have a set of minimum PC requirements before they can run properly. Just like other PC parts, you need to read the overleaf of the package to see what the cards require. While different cards have different requirements, generally, it is quite safe to assume that as long as you meet certain minimum requirements, they should work well. Minimum requirements are a Pentium 2 CPU, RAM size of 512MB and Windows OS. Other parts like graphics card and sound card are secondary. But my advice to you is not to scrimp on these. After all, you want to watch TV on comp through satellite and TV picture and sound quality should matter to you. Be sure to check if you have other media software like RealPlayer, Windows Media Player and so on.

Anyone can watch TV on comp through satellite once the mentioned requirements are fulfilled. Like what I said, always check your PC specifications against the cards’ minimum requirements. The setting up of internal cards can be a bit tedious and you got to be confident in doing so because you have to disassemble your computer. Not many people like to do so and would go for external cards which are so much easier to handle. However, it can be costly as external cards often cost more than $200 for a quality product.

Fortunately, there is a third alternative. Recently, there has been a trend to watch TV on comp through satellite using PC satellite TV software. This is a revolutionary way that the world has not seen before. With a simple piece of software installed, you can start receiving satellite TV channels almost instantly. And TV viewers love the wide selection of TV channels including those they cannot find in their local monthly TV services.

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